Information for Employers

Thinking of Hiring a Person with a Disability?

There are many benefits available to employers who choose to hire people with a disability. 

Let's debunk a few myths 

 Australian and international research has consistently found that people with a disability often make better employees because of higher attendance rates, lower turnover, good performance and safety records. People with a disability actually have fewer accidents and workplace injuries – potentially resulting in lower  workers’ compensation costs. Depending on the type of disability, on average they have lower rates of absenteeism, and often take less sick leave than other employees.

Exemplary Corporate Citizenship

Hiring people with a disability can also help employers create a positive corporate image, demonstrate corporate responsibility and increase the strength of their brand. This can help raise staff morale, and increase customer and staff loyalty. They also tend to stay loyal and committed to their employer and show higher retention rates. This can also reduce the costs of training and recruitment.

Real Benefits

Hiring people with disabilities can also assist employers to increase their talent pool, promote a diverse workforce and access staff who live here. Research indicates that there is very little difference in productivity between people with a disability and those without. 

The costs of hiring people with a disability can be much lower than expected. In many cases, employers state that the benefits of hiring a person with a disability far outweigh any associated costs. 

A range of government incentives and financial assistance programs are also available:
  • Wage subsidies that may be available
  • Government assistance available for hiring an apprentice or trainee
  • Additional financial assistance to help cover costs such as modifying your workplace if required (often only simple adjustments are needed to make the workplace ‘disability friendly’), purchasing adaptive technologies or interpreting services*.
  • The Supported Wage System process helps employers pay workers with a disability based on their level of productivity where this is a factor..
We're Here to Help
  • Kimberley Personnel provides a free recruitment service designed to help you find the right people with the right skills for your business. We focus on the ability and strengths of our job seekers and get to know your business requirements to create a good job match. We’ll also provide you and the new employee with ongoing assistance, training and support to help make your new employee a valuable long term member of your team.
Ongoing Support
  • Kimberley Personnel can also stay in touch with you for at least 6 months – and even longer in most situations – to provide ongoing support and assist with the transition of the candidate into your workplace.
Government Incentives
  • We can provide you with information and help you access available wage subsidies and incentives available.